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Congratulations! You finally got the call for the interview of your dream job. But, you still have a long way to go before you get an offer. In today’s competitive world, perfect interview tips and strategies can make the difference in getting your hired or promoted. You might have the qualifications and experience but the interview process is like a jungle and you must stand out over the competition and impress your potential employer in every stage as there are no second chances. That’s why this Interview Preparation Book is a must-have.

Ernest Enabulele, a renowned human resource management expert and author, brings his more than eight years’ experience in preparing candidates for various interview scenarios in this new interview preparation guide to help effectively prepare your job interview.

How Will This Professional Interview Guide Help Breeze Through Your Job Interviews?

  • Helps you in Research Preparation for the Job Interview
  • Gets you pumped up for the interview
  • Prepares you for the toughest interviews
  • Highlights commonly asked questions, Questions YOU can ask and ones to avoid
  • Gets you in the right mindset and helps so that you can stand out
  • Outlines common mistakes you shouldn’t make during an interview
  • Helps you determine your career goals and strategies
  • Helps you to effectively sell your personality and skills
  • How to negotiate optimally

Delve into this wealth of knowledge by reading one of the best interview help books complete with interview etiquette, sample interview question and answer cases with incisive discussions will equip every job seeker with the much-needed Job Interview Tips and preparation to increase their chances of being hired for that much-desired dream job.

Let the stories and tips of this job interview guidebook elevate your confidence levels and help you learn the best answers to top interview questions which challenge most interviewees. Be Irresistible to Your Potential Employers!

Grab a copy and while at it grab a few copies for friends and family as a gift. A must-read job interview guide book for every job seeker.


Interviewing for your dream job or promotion can be anxious and stressing. The act of subjecting yourself to strangers who you have to win they validation by showcasing your skills in bits can be nerve-wracking. if you don’t live up to the standards and expectation you set in your resume you risk losing on a great opportunity.

To avert failure, Preparation is always key. That is why Ernest Enabulele has distilled his extensive experience in Human Resource department into this in-depth interview guide book to provide you with expert job interview tips and strategies on how to ace interviews and show Recruiters, HR departments, and potential bosses why you're the right person for the job.

This job interview book covers all stages of the job interview process from how to prepare for the interview to closing the deal. The guide will give you the secrets behind the CRAZY QUESTIONS that might be thrown your way, how to respond with the RIGHT ANSWERS and BODY LANGUAGE, and how you can prove that you're the perfect candidate with AUTHENTIC and STRATEGIC RESPONSES that create an exciting and engaging interviewing process.

This Job Interview Preparation guide equips you with what it takes to be an eye-catching interviewee, as well as how to:

    • Think Quickly and Critically About Common Interview Questions
    • Showcase and Highlight Your Skills, Aptitudes, and Strengths
    • Carefully Avoid Pitfalls and Trap Questions
    • Navigate Structured and Behavioral Questions
    • Describe Yourself, Your Goals, and Your Passions
    • Explain Your Personal Strengths and Weakness
    • Handle Criticism, Deadlines, Milestones, and Targets
    • Present Your Desire to Work "There"
    • And So Much More!


Get this interview guide book and prepare in advance to sell yourself and prove your worth to your next future employers. Master the fundamentals and be prepared for every out-of-the-box question, every intense 1-on-1, building a rapport during the process, handling yourself during stressful situations and to offer a return on investment that your prospective employers wouldn’t have a choice but to hire you.


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